Tour Ananconda   5-10 Days

We can organize also personalized 2 or 3 nights Tour.

journey through the Amazon Rivers - Rio Negro and tributaries, lakes, and islands. This is a new Journey to the true Wild World where you will take your voices to the most remote areas of the forest in the most eco-friendly systems in Fauna and Flora as well as being able to know the true way of life of the natives of the Amazon. Its myths, legends and rituals reveal great mysteries of this wild world. the world of exotic and medicinal plants.

The Anaconda Tour: 5 days, 4 nights

1 Day
This tour starts at 8 a.m. You sail down the Rio Negro to the meeting of the waters. It is the point where the Negro River and the Solimões River meet. It is also the point where the Amazon River starts. From there, you sail on to the Island of the Squirrel monkeys. It is located in the Janahuari Ecological Park. There you hike for some time until you get to lake where you can see the giant water lilies. Lunch is served on a floating restaurant called ´The Queen of the forest´. The main speciality served is the different types of fish found in the Amazon River. After lunch, you visit the lake of the Pink Dolphins where you can swim and play with them. Following that, you visit an Indian tribe living on the banks of the Rio Negro. Then you sail on to your lodge for the first night,   The Amazon Ipanema Lodge.  After dinner, you go cayman spotting, your first real contact with the Amazon wild life.

2 Day
The day starts at 5;30 a.m. That is when you leave in a small boat to watch the sunrise. After breakfast at 8a.m., you leave for a jungle walk. On the way, you see medicinal plants, perfume related plants, and even plants that are poisionous. You also see plants that are used for spiritual performances by the locals. Even tree-climbing techniques are taught. There is also a chance to see insects, birds and other animals. This includes reptiles such as caymans and even snakes. Back at the lodge, you have your lunch, then at 3 p.m., you leave for the forest where you spend your first night sleeping out. Under a makeshift roof, you sleep in a hammock protected by a mosquito net, just the way the locals do. However, this activity is optional.

3 Day
The morning activity starts with a boat ride on a river called the Mamorí River. In the afternoon, you visit a region called the Lake of the piranhas, a region known for its richness in wild life. You can see different species of birds, monkeys, and a beautiful wild life scenery. At night, you sleep at one of the locals in your ever present hammock and nets.

4 Day
On the fourth day, you leave to explore the jungle that according to local belief, is infested with ´spirits´. Contact with the forest is always present. You are thought how to find your way around the forest and how to survive under any condition. You set up camp in a terrority belonging to two giants; the Jaguar and the Giant Anteater. At night, a fire is made and your dinner is prepared. And of course, just after, caipirinha is served: it´s time to relax in the jungle. Then it is a good time to tell spooky stories. You may invent.

5 Day
The day starts with a visit to one of the last remaining tribes found in the region; the Tukanos. They can be found in an area called Terra Preta, meaning Black soil.You still have time to explore the forest a little more. It is a good chance to see some species of snakes and some rare insects. You also have a chance to see a once famous tree, the Rose Wood, which was exported many times by Europeans for perfume making. At about 11:30, you return to your lodge to have lunch. Just after that your return journey to Manaus starts. Your tour ends when you get there at about 5p.m.

Observation: Piranha fishing is done on any one of the days suitable for everyone.

Programming subject to weather conditions, water level of rivers.
     and the permission of the leader of the Indians.


- Transfers: Airport-Hotel-Tour and return airport
- Sailing in regional boat and canoes
- Complete feeding.
- Energy drink of Guaraná, Caipirinhas and mineral water.
- Bilingual guide, native guides and hunters.
- Accommodation in Indian homes and in jungle camps.
- Equipments for the jungle (nets, mosquito nets, plastic covers, machetes).
- Transport. Boats, Canoes, Van and taxis. During the scars.

What to bring?

- hiking shoes and boots.
- Clear complied shirts and trousers.
- Cream mosquito repellent spray and sunscreen.
- Raincoat, cameras, films, batteries.

- Small flashlight.