Ipanema Jungle Lodge

During your stay in the jungle with Amazon Riders, you will be accommodated in our inn called "Ipanema Jungle Lodge".

Located more than two hours south of Manaus, to get there you will have to take a first boat to cross the Rio Negro from the port of Ceasa until you reach Careiro da Várzea, then take a van for about an hour and a half to reach a river called Paraná do Mamori, and finally take a canoe to reach the lodge after half an hour of navigation. Our hostel is located on the shores of the Ipanema Lake and is only accessible by the river.

There, you will find all the necessary comfort for a quality stay. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mosquito net, water, electricity, and there is even a Wifi access.

As for meals, breakfast is served at 7 am, lunch at noon and dinner at 7 pm. You will enjoy a regional gastronomy prepared with local foods.