Meeting of the Waters -
​​​​​​​Day Tour

This trip is made by boats that lead to the encounter of the waters, point where the Negro river and the river Solimões meet. The tour starts when you are picked up at 8:30 am from your hotel and taken to the port.

Safety is very important to us and the use of lifejackets is mandatory.

Visit the water meeting
Visit to a floating village
See the water lilies in the tourist park
Visit to the port of Manaus

Tour description and details:

DAY TOUR - You are taken by motorboat to the waters meet about 15 kilometers from downtown Manaus. After visiting the waters meet, you are taken to a small village of floating houses to see and learn about the way of life of people. From there, you are taken to the ecological park of Janauari: an area that is under the water for 6 months in the flood. It is located between the Negro and Solimões rivers. You can see water lilies, some gators, birds, monkeys and even sloths. In the rainy season, it is possible to take a short trip through the flooded forest. Lunch is served in a floating restaurant located in the park. The tour ends at 1:30 p.m. and after you get back to the city, you are taken back to your hotel.

What's included in the package:

Transfer from the hotel to the airport
Transfer back after the tour
Bilingual guide during the tour
Lunch included in our floating restaurant
Fee for swimming with porpoises
Fee to visit the Indians

What is not included in the package:
Alcoholic beverages
Soft drinks, juices
Mineral water in the restaurant

In some cases, guests will go directly to the airport from the ride