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We are a tourism agency specializing in daily regional tours in the Amazon and Rio Negro. With over 20 years of experience, offering quality services to the tourist. qualified professionals and accredited by the tourism ministry of manaus we offer several options of tours: jungle hotels, regional boats, luxury boats, bilingual executive drivers, expeditions and jungle adventure, regional boat reservations for Belem, Santarem, Tabatinga, Parintins and others ..

Take advantage of our offers swimming with Amazon Pink Dolphins in Manaus!

Be welcome! Our boat is big and very safe, all covered for protection from sun or rain and internal bathroom for the comfort of our customers. All legalized in the Navy and Captaincy of the ports. (We provide mineral water on board free of charge) throughout the tour)

After our departure from the port, we will go by speedboat along the Rio Negro where we will observe part of our old city towards the meeting of the waters. Meeting of the waters is the meeting of two rivers that run side by side for more than 10 km without mixing (Rio Negro and Rio Solimões) until forming the Amazon River, the largest river in the world in length and volume of water, on this stop our guide will explain this wonderful mystery of nature.


After the visit the Waters Meeting we will go to the Janauary Ecological Park. Where we will take a short walk on a trail where it is possible to see some species of Monkeys and during the flood season we can observe the Victories regias (Aquatic Plant that can reach 2.5 meters in diameter and support up to 40 pounds on its surface).

After lunch we will visit the native house in the Catalan community where it is possible to observe some animals of the region like Monkeys and the creation of Pirarucu the largest freshwater scale fish in the world. In Pirarucú floating house you have the option of feeding it with a portion of small fish tied to a rod, as if it were like a fishing (This service has a small extra fee that remembering to be an optional attraction for those who want. photographs).

Following is our main attraction: Sailing approximately 1 hour towards the platform where the pink dolphins (Freshwater Dolphin) are found. We will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, take photos and interact with this beautiful and docile dolphin. Mandatory use of life jackets accompanied by expert guide

(Remembering that it is not allowed to hold it and Do not use sunscreen and suntan oils for the preservation of the species)


We will end the tour by visiting the indigenous tribe. Where we will see a ritual dance of the Tuiuca and tukanos Indians and observe some of their culture and way of life. Taking pictures with them and making a characteristic painting made by the indigenous themselves.

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Amazon Pink Dolphins

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Amazon Riders

Amazonas - Brasil 

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Discover the enchanting Amazon by taking a boat trip that is considered the best way to explore rivers, lakes and regions. During the boat trip, different areas are visited and various types of activities are performed. This tour gives you a chance to see more and you don't spend the entire tour in the same area.

We have the ideal tour for your adventure, one full day tour and complete packages, your next ADVENTURE YOU FIND IT HERE ..